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Blood of Puglia essence of love .... between poetry, art and the joy of experiencing nature

Sangue di Puglia SpA was founded in 2013 and is established in the territory of Capitanata, with the wine business through a marketing of the highest international profile. With a capacity of 250,000 hectoliters in steel storage silos and reinforced concrete tanks, Sangue di Puglia SpA is one of the most important wineries in Southern Italy for the processing and wholesale of quality wine made from common grapes, PDO and IGP as well as concentrated musts certified for the production of very high quality vinegars. Always focused on the production of quality wine products, over the years we have organized and our traceability system: all stages of production are followed by our trusted employees, our farmers suppliers are followed in all stages of production of the vine and invited promptly to keep in order all the documentation concerning the treatment of the grapes, the appropriate production report and the correct declaration in the case of Igp - Dop grapes. All stages of production and processing are followed by specialized personnel and are checked in the modern company laboratory, with the support of internationally qualified external laboratories. The continuous monitoring allows to guarantee quality products with constant chemical-organoleptic characteristics, safe from the hygienic-sanitary point of view, in which no genetically modified organisms have intervened, with sure traceability in respect of the environment.


Blood of Puglia today and tomorrow

Sangue di Puglia is part of the lands of Tavoliere and Gargano, lands rich in ancient wine making traditions. Sangue di Puglia SpA is one of the world's best exporters of fine wine made in Italy, of musts and products derived from wine for the food sector, and is considered a qualified partner in the sector with the right balance between quality and price. Sangue di Puglia SpA is in fact the privileged meeting place between Italian production and commercial operators all over the world who love the Made in Italy of supreme quality. Today Sangue di Puglia SpA represents the Talian company that looks at the world. The international acknowledgments and the progressive growth of the Sangue di Puglia SpA market at world level attest to the great ability to discover and interpret the needs of the market at best. Because for the management and collaborators of Sangue di Puglia SpA, the market is not made up of statistics on taste: but from the synthesis between the very rich values ​​of the Italian tradition and the quality that our friends and clients are starting to get to know in fashion events , sport and welfare of international character. For this reason, today, Sangue di Puglia SpA is the ideal partner to think about the best product, tailored to the business in the agro-food industry and its related industries.


our products

In the 2013/2014 wine-growing campaign, Sangue di Puglia SpA in its San Severo winery (FG) and its numerous collection centers selected the following grapes: blends with Trebbiano, Malvasia and Bombino varieties; various varieties Trebbiano, Malvasia, Sangiovese, Montepulciano; varieties Montepulciano, Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet, Falanghina, Nero di Troia, Fiano, Syrah.


Obtained from Troy grapes, characterized by a high tannic character. Intense pink color with coppery reflections and rich and persistent perfume. It has a particularly strong taste and great structure.

Alcohol content: 13%



Obtained from pure Troy grapes, characterized by a high tannic character. Intense red color, with fruity scent of wild berries. It has a strong, particular flavor, sweet and at the same time citrus.

Alcohol content: 13,5%



The early harvest, the soft vinification and a rigorous selection of the grapes have made it possible to obtain a wine with a dry, sapid and full-bodied flavor. It offers the best of its aromas of almonds and broom if consumed young.

Alcohol content: 12,5%

Extra virgin olive oil

Blood of Puglia S.p.A. it is the undisputed reign of the Perivana monocultivar high-quality olive grove, a rare quality olive in the world that produces an oil of unobtainable characteristics.
          The geographical position of Puglia and Daunia (also called Capitanata) enjoys a very mild climate where the olive tree grows luxuriant, thus giving its surroundings the unmistakable shape typical of the Mediterranean landscape.
          The Company Sangue di Puglia S.p.A. represents the union of producers that for about a century guarantee the genuineness of a very high quality extra virgin olive oil, produced exclusively with Peranzana olives.
        The olives are harvested with rakes, according to the traditional method, at their right point of maturation. The transport to the oil mill is done not in bags but in perforated boxes. The olives are then readily pressed into the crusher to ensure adequate humidity, temperature and ventilation. Processing takes place within twenty-four hours of collection. This allows to avoid phenomena that alter the product. During the initial phase, special machines provide for the washing and defoliation of the olives. The next step consists in the actual milling that is carried out with the plants in use today.


world excellence

Peranzana monocultivar quality extra virgin olive oil
can 5l


bottle 500 ml


bottle 250 ml

Flavors of excellence

The production of typical Apulian flavors of excellence comes from the desire to produce healthy and qualitatively superior food. A rich variety of sott'oli, patè, bruschetta and olives, all made strictly by hand with recipes handed down by our grandparents. From Torremaggiore (FG) a workshop that produces directly for the customer attentive to the preparation of products without preservatives or additives added, healthy, genuine and typically local. All the products are carefully crafted according to the ancient Foggiana tradition of the Alto Tavoliere di Puglia. After careful selection in the field are packaged in extra virgin olive oil, mainly of the fine variety "PERANZANA" grown directly in our company.



Sangue di Puglia SpA grows with all those who appreciate the best of Made in Italy ever, with the awareness of having achieved important results over the years, even if with other companies that were represented by the current members in fact and in law, each of them with a training aimed at the agri-food industry and its multipurpose armature. Various developments and national and international publications have dictated space and time for the growth of Sangue di Puglia SpA. One above all, the polls of the newspapers and the institutes of analysis and research of different universities, aimed at all the cellars and associated and affiliated companies to the Sangue di Puglia SpA which defines "Universi del Vino" in the field of tourism marketing with the M'AMA.ART project, the most important event with a percentage of 52%, follow the "Strada del Prosecco", "Vinitaly" and "Open Cellars" The new entry into the "Vini nel Mondo" Promoting Committee, where Sangue di Puglia SpA continues to play a leading role in the spotlight of the most influential media at international level in the most advanced capitals for food and agriculture tourism.The experiences of 2012 also marked the collaboration with new partners and multiple European production companies with the highest institutional and These results stimulate us to pursue the objectives that already characterized the past industrial phases of our conception of agri-food, focused on the promotion of our territory and the enhancement of foreign trade. In this 2013, the consecration of the best quality promoted by the most influential entities of the market and not only of quality wine and other products of the basket within its cultural enogastronomic entourage.

Sangue di Puglia S.p.A.

21 May - PORTOCERVO (Costa Smeralda) toasts with Sangue di Puglia and opens the summer of dreams - 9 May - PESCARA aperitif dinner in the amazing Madness Cafè in via Marco Polo -

6 May Before the new album by maestro Emilio Di Biase.

Project M'AMA.ART

Disseminate Italian excellence in the world is fundamental and contemporary art is promoting this message. The creative purpose of M'AMA.ART is to disseminate national products in Italy and abroad.

Vinitaly and EXPO Milan

Thanks to our producers the Capitanata becomes with Sangue di Puglia S.p.A. absolute protagonist at Vinitaly and EXPO 2015.

Thanks to our producers la Capitanata becomes Sangue di Puglia S.p.A. absolute protagonist at Vinitaly and EXPO 2015.

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Who does not love women, wine and song, is just a crazy not a saint. (Arthur Schopenhauer)


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